Hannah Hamlin

Meet Our Medical Director: Hannah Hamlin

Dr. Hannah Hamlin D.O. is the Medical Director for Facelogic Dallas. She is a certified functional medicine practitioner with experience in research and clinical practice. 

She holds certifications in neurotoxin injectables, ultrasound-guided joint injections, advanced clinical life support, and has a bachelor’s in nutritional sciences.

Dr. Hamlin has authored three newsletters for clinical publication and a book, “Type 1 Diabetes Mindset Reset.” She has also been involved in research projects evaluating the role of estrogen and breast cancer development, diabetes technology, and a blood glucose management program.

In her personal life, she enjoys hiking, yoga, dance, and health podcasts. Dr. Hamlin is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the American Osteopathic Association and has served in various leadership roles in student organizations, volunteering in medical clinics, and fundraising events.